12 Best Work Blazers for Women (2024 Update)

12 Best Work Blazers for Women (2024 Update)

Looking for the best work blazers for women? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’re introducing our personal selection of work blazers that mean “boss babe” business.

Looking for the perfect women's blazers or suit jackets is like looking for the perfect shade of red lipstick—it’s never easy. Whether you go for a low-profile classic chic look, minimalist capsule pieces, or want something flashy to make a statement and be a head-turner in the office, you’ll surely see it in this list. 

Take Lana and Karen’s picks if you need help finding the best work blazer to add more spice and character to your wardrobe this 2024. 

1. Mos Mosh Mary Night Blazer

Mos Mosh Mary Night Blazer

If you're looking for a blazer with a relaxed silhouette, this stunning blazer is the perfect choice for you. The slightly longer fit and designed double button closure work extremely well with the curved hem and front flap pockets.

The Mos Mosh Mary Night Blazer has lightly padded shoulders and buttoned cuffs for a perfect shape. We recommend you pair this blazer with jeans or tailored pants.


2. Mos Mosh Bine Leia Blazer

Mos Mosh Bine Leia Blazer

Classic blazer with a twist.

This blazer is designed in a cool relaxed silhouette with single button fastening, lightly padded shoulders and pockets. We think it looks amazing with tailored pants, a statement tee and flats.


3. Desigual Geometric Flocked Blazer

Desigual Geometric Flocked Blazer

Smart, energized, and confident. This outfit is absolutely perfect for the  “Oh, it’s just my Monday look” kinda girl with a touch of trendy cyber aesthetic. Pair it with black flare leather pants and a matching black stiletto or sleek sneakers, and you’re good to go.


4. Desigual Patchwork Jacquard Blazer

Desigual Patchwork Jacquard Blazer

This is a fun and artsy take on a patchwork jacquard blazer. It’s in a unique Aqua Blue/Black color with the New Heritage patterns that add more character to it. 

This is just a reminder that this is more of a “trendy” piece than a classic minimalist blazer, so it doesn’t match anything and everything in your closet easily. BUT. If you’re after a statement look occasionally, this is certainly a head-turner piece you can wear. 


5. Cooper Suiting Point Jacket

Cooper Suiting Point Jacket

We’re so in love with this one. The structure, the color, the tailored silhouette. “Suiting Point” is a timeless classic blazer or jacket with a double-breasted front, buttons, and a simple collar. 

It’s easy, feminine, and has the right amount of daintiness. You can dress this one in a silk shirt under it and white square pants, or dress it down with its matching “Hey Shorty” shorts.


6. Madly Sweetly Double Happy Blazer

Madly Sweetly Double Happy Blazer

It’s. A. Staple. 

This one is for the minimalists and capsule wardrobe collectors. It’s a double-lined blazer with a relaxed fit and deep pockets, and it comes in a neutral color that makes it an easy addition to any closet. It’s airy, versatile, and well-made. It's so basic you can wear it over a dress, a corset, or with a bodycon cami and call it a day. 


7. Madly Sweetly Smooth Blazer

Madly Sweetly Smooth Blazer

This one’s a fashion must-have! Linen always finds its way into every wardrobe. It’s versatile, easy, and never goes out of style. Madly Sweetly Smooth Blazer is 97% Polyester 3% Spandex elegance. 

This blazer double-breasted classic blazer, with front pockets and faux horn buttons with a squared hemline and back vent. Fully Lined.


8. Jac + Mooki Brooke Blazer

Jac + Mooki Brooke Blazer

We like oversized jackets sometimes.

This blazer is made of very soft fabric with a hint of stretch to achieve that relaxed yet structured fit. It’s also beautifully lined and features four buttons, waist pockets on both sides, and a double-breasted design. 

Listen, this blazer sits perfectly on the body while simultaneously showcasing feminine and masculine energy. Giving you that strong, edgy, boss babe “You are in my office” look without actually saying it.


Work Blazers for Women Honourable Mentions

Of course, we want to give you options. So here are somore more work blazers you shouldn't miss.

9. Reformation Winston Blazer. It’s borderline trendy, but it’s a classic. Certainly one of those most recognizable pieces in the mention of “blazer.” This one has a relaxed yet elegant fit, is slightly masculine, and actually versatile—believe it or not. It leans on that Scandinavian laid-back, airy look and pairs well with wide-leg jeans or maxi dresses. It looks cozy too.


10. The Drop Women's Pale Green Belted Satin Blazer. Something for the color-forward ladies. Prepare to brighten the office as you rock the hallways with this belted satin blazer. It’s designed for comfort with the right amount of looseness in the right places, ties by the waist, and slit pockets on both sides. You can wear it with wide-leg jeans, neutral colour dresses, and leggings. As you know, exotic prints and colors will make a major comeback in 2024, so consider this an intro—just a heads-up. 


11. Maria McManus Belted Blazer in Toffee. Latte is still a trend in 2024. There are no remnants of the latte trend because we have yet to face its downfall. In fact, it’s supposed to get bigger this year. 

This belted blazer is very unique and fits the trend bill easily. 

It’s made from exotic tropical wool basket weave, features a removable belt detail at the waist, and has two concealed button details, allowing it to transform at your will. It’s a classic workwear piece and a trendy blazer at the same time. Imagine wearing this on a tree-lined street while holding a warm cuppa on a cold autumn day. Simply bliss.


12. J.Crew Evening Blazer Jacket. Bet you’ll find your leading man with this. Inspired by menswear and work jackets, this blazer rocks a hybrid layer for a cozy feeling like a boyfriend hugging you. It is the perfect elevated layer and looks great over a slip dress or your favorite pair of pants. Wearing this, you can easily achieve a romantic comedy film's ultimate female lead look from the early 2000s. 


Things to Consider When Buying Women's Blazers and Suit Jackets

Finding the right blazer or work jacket means considering a couple of things and coming to terms with them before proceeding to the checkout page. These are the things you should consider when buying a blazer:

  • Style. Trendy clothes usually don’t last as long as classic pieces. They do resurface eventually, but they’re usually different from the ones before, so you’ll have to buy new ones if you’re simply buying just to hop on the trends. For now, what works best is structured shoulders. That way, you can effortlessly put together your wardrobe faster for your next meeting, work day, or event.

  • Fit. Fit is very important when buying new clothes. You don’t want your clothes to be too large or too small because they wouldn’t be flattering, especially if you buy them for work.

  • Color. Colors signify feelings, but it doesn’t necessarily have to translate to your workwear. It’s very important that you first assess your needs when investing in clothes.

  • Material. Always consider researching your preferred materials for clothes before buying them. Some kinds of fabrics aren’t as comfortable for some as for others.

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