Loobies Story

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      "Each and every collection from Loobie’s Story has been inspired by a beautiful location that we have either visited, aspire to visit or imagine. I’m fascinated by different cultures and their unique offerings."
      Laurinda (Loobie)


      Loobie's Story was born from a vision to create modern bohemian pieces that resonate with the free-spirited modern woman while offering the timeless essentials that define a hardworking capsule wardrobe.

      The key was to seamlessly blend these pieces with the prints' complementary color palettes, making it effortless for women to curate their own distinctive look across seasons.

      Loobie's Story: A Name Inspired by Affection

      In a touching tribute to a new business partner, the company adopted the name “Loobie’s Story.” This moniker was born from a playful nickname created when we first crossed paths, celebrating the determination, grace, and kindness of the women who inspire us.

      From Inspiration to Collection Creation

      Every Loobie’s Story collection is a journey inspired by the allure of beautiful locations the brand aspires to visit. The brand is also inspired by locations they have visited, reflecting their fascination with different cultures.

      The brand draws inspiration from diverse cultures and their unique offerings, infusing our designs with the magic of discovery and exotic elements. There is always a hint of the exotic in our collection, adding a touch of uniqueness and allure.

      Loobie’s Story embodies a love for life and a life well-lived, celebrating experiences and embracing unique offerings. Our goal is to share the beauty of Loobies story to as many in New Zealand and Australia.

      The combination of essential urban fashion pieces with unique elements makes our collection stand out. Each piece tells an ever-changing story, allowing individuals to express their evolving life experiences and personal style. Check out our items. Watch out for season updates, new arrivals by signing up for our shop newsletter!