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      MOS MOSH: Supporting Sustainable Cotton with the Better Cotton Initiative

      Joining Forces for a Better Future

      Mos Mosh proudly aligns itself with the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), reflecting its commitment to sustainable practices and ethical sourcing. When you choose cotton products from Mos Mosh, you're not just making a fashion statement but also supporting cotton production through the Better Cotton Initiative.

      Championing Sustainable Practices

      Better Cotton, sourced via a system of Mass Balance, is at the heart of our commitment to sustainability. BCI farmers prioritize water efficiency, soil health, and the preservation of natural habitats. They also minimize the use of harmful chemicals while prioritizing the rights and well-being of farmers.

      A Pledge for Progress

      Mos Mosh pledges to increase our sourcing of BCI cotton annually, amplifying their financial contribution to this noble cause. Their dedication to sustainability extends beyond words and creates a better future for future generations.

      Join Us in Supporting Sustainable Fashion

      Make a conscious choice by choosing MOS MOSH products. It's a perfect option for a brand that blends style and sustainability. Together, we can positively impact the environment and the lives of those who nurture it.